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Film Blowing and Printing Machine

Film Blowing and Printing Machine Film Blowing and Printing Machine

600 Film Blowing and Printing Machine

This film blowing and printing machine is for the production of plastic soft packages. It can carry out blowing, or simultaneous blowing and printing according to your needs. All sizes of LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE plastic films can be blew to pack foods, articles of daily use, chemicals, gifts, and industrial products.

1. This machine adopts Wannan main motor, Siemens low-voltage electrical appliances, Panasonic inverter, and Omron temperature meter. These key components ensure the stable performance of this film blowing and printing machine.
2. It is equipped with a digital corona processor to ensure the color fastness of the film while printing.
3. This film blowing and printing machine adopts humanized settings. Pneumatic clutch is adopted for its both traction devices and printing devices. It could be connected to multiple machines, with easy operation and low labor costs.
4. It can produce various plastic films, with a maximum unfold width of 1200mm and 4 printing colors.
5. It is provided with a two-year warranty.

Main Specifications

Model -600
Screw: pole Ø45mm
L/D 30:1(L/D)
Screw speed 10-110rpm
Die-head Diameter Ø60-ø100
Film thickness 0.01-0.10mm
Printing color One color
Width of unfold films 100-600mm
Heating power 13kw
Motor power 11kw
Production capacity 15-40kg/h
Total weight ≈2.0t
Overall size 3000×1200×4000mm

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