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Multi-purpose Bag Making Machine

Multi-purpose Bag Making Machine Multi-purpose Bag Making Machine

600 Multi-purpose Bag Making Machine

1. The key configurations of this multi-purpose bag making machine, like main motor, low-voltage electrical appliances, inverters, temperature meters, and PLC are all of famous brands like Wannan, Siemens, Panasonic, Omron, and Xuncheng. These components ensure the smooth and easy operation of this machine, making it a true multi-purpose machine.
2. Our multi-purpose bag making machine can detect the length of printed bags precisely. It ensures the uniformity of bag length.
3. It can produce various plastic bags, with the maximum surface width of 1200mm.
4. This multi-purpose bag making machine comes with a two-year warranty.

This multi-purpose bag making machine can make various bags. They are listed as follows.
1. single flat bags
2. single vest bags, while matched a small punching machine.
3. roll and linked vest bags
4. roll and linked flat bags, such as roll and linked flat freezer bags, roll and linked flat garbage bags while with a flat cutter.
Suitable for making bags of white or color heat-melting printed films like PE, PP, PVC, etc., this multi-purpose bag making machine is an ideal machine for the production of vest bags and flat bags.

Main Specifications

Model -600
Sealing and cutting width 160-300mm for linked bag 50-600mm for single bag
Sealing and cutting Length 50-1200mm
Sealing and cutting thickness 0.01-0.10mm
Speed of line 10-100pcs/min for printed bag
Precision of length ±2mm
Motor power 1.1 kw
Total weight ≈700kg
Overall size 3200×1100×1600mm

We is a China multi-purpose bag making machine manufacturer, since its operation in 1993. With 16 years of experience in this line, we are able to provide different plastic bag production lines like multi-purpose bag machine machines and film blowing and printing machines. In addition, other forming machines like paper cup forming machines, plastic container production line, and paper bowl forming machines, are also available with us. Located in Shanghai, we have easy access to transportation facilities by land, sea and air. Therefore, we can ship our multi-purpose bag making machines at reduced costs. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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