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Plastic Sheet Extruder

Plastic Sheet Extruder Plastic Sheet Extruder

Series Plastic Sheet Extruder

Features of Series Plastic Sheet Extruder
1. Equipped with the large L/D ration of screw rod and cast aluminum heater;
2. Automatic extrusion pressure control system to guarantee a uniform resistance on the runner and no detention for uniform sheets;
3. Extrusion die head: after nitrogen treatment, the die head is of high rigidity and machining precision;
4. With a fully automatic continuing belt filter changing device, the die head can easily realize the filter change without stopping the machine, which is high efficiency and cost saving;
5. The triple roller calendaring:
--Its roller is made of high quality steel:
--Its internal bladder is with the water circulation system for double runners to promote the quality of processed sheets.
6. Adopt the high quality electronic components such as converter, pressure meter, etc.

Technical Specifications of Series Plastic Sheet Extruder

Model 700 700D 700T
Sheet thickness (mm) 0.15~2.5 0.25-2.0 0.25-2.0
Sheet width (mm) 700/1000/1400 700/1000/1400 700/1000/1400
Diameter of screw rod (mm) 90 40/90 40/90/80
Screw L/D ratio 33:1 30:1/33:1 30:1/33:1/32:1
Main engine power (kw) 55 7.5/55 11/55/37
Max extruding volume (kg/h) 200 230 335
Complete machine power (kw) 110 135 180
Overall dimension (m) 14*2.5*2.5 15*3*2.5m 15*4.5*2.5
Weight (T) 8 10 12

Application of Series Plastic Sheet Extruder
As a kind of import forming machine, this Series Plastic Sheet Extruder is widely used to produce different sheets, including PP sheet, PS sheet, ABS sheet, PE sheet, and PET sheet, etc.
And these finished sheet are mainly used for plastic container products like disposable cups, plastic bowls, plastic lids, plastic trays and other plastic products.

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