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Vacuum Forming Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine Vacuum Forming Machine

680 Vacuum Forming Machine

Features of 680 Vacuum Forming Machine
1. Equipped with PLC control system and the integration of pneumatic, mechanical and electric systems, this forming machine can automatically complete continuous processes of feeding, forming, mold unloading, sheet cutting and piling, etc;
2. The adopt of double chain photoelectric control feeding device paves the way for stable and reliable sheets feeding. The feeding width and length can be accurate and stepless adjustment, which is suitable for diverse die arrangements and greatly improves the material utilization rate.
3. The secondary vacuum function is applicable for the forming products with large height or depth, and also suitable for the forming of punch-dies. The dies can be easily and fast changed.
4. With upper and lower heaters, hollow far infrared heating plates, the heating system adopts the special sectional temperature control device to ensure fast temperature adjustment, and uniform, energy-saving heating.
5. Based on the air cooling system and water smoke system support, this forming machine can easily realize the continuous running without water cooling, and so it is applicable for non-metal forming processes.
6. Feeding device with double feed rolls, sheet cutting actuator and stacking equipment greatly improve the production efficiency.

Technical Specifications of 680 Vacuum Forming Machine

Item Description
Suitable sheet (mm) PVC  PS  PET  PP  PSP foam
Width &Thickness (W)500-680 (T)0.1-1.2,(W)500-680 (T)1-3.5
Feeding Length(mm) 600-950 Stepless adjustment
Max. Moulding Depth(mm) negative mould/positive mould: 200
Speed (moulds/min) 3-8
Power Supply AC 380/220V  51kw (Max)
Air Consumptions ≥1.5M3/mim( External air supply)
Working Pressure (Mpa) ≥0.6
Dimension(mm) 7500*2000*2250
Weight (kg) 3500

Application of 680 Vacuum Forming Machine
This 680 Vacuum Forming Machine is widely applicable for plastic vacuum forming sheet rolls made of PVC, PS, PSP foam, modified PP and biodegradable PP, etc, and the processed sheets are used for production of a wide range of open thin-walled containers, like disposable fast food containers, plates, bowls of instant noodles, western-style food containers, food inner packages, ice cream cups and pastry containers, etc.
Otherwise, the processed sheets are also very commonly used for the production of plastic medicine packages, packages of traveling articles, children's articles, electronic components and hardware, and seedling trays for paddy rice seedlings and vegetables and other corps.

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