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Double-head Film Blowing Machine Set

Double-head Film Blowing Machine Set

Double-head Film Blowing Machine Set


1. Both the cylinder and the screw of the extruder are made of high quality alloy steel through nitration and precision finishing with the best hardness and corrosion resistance.
2. Scientifically designed, this double-head film blowing machine has two heads for one extruder with such advantages as increasing production capacity, saving energy, labor and workshop area, etc.


This double-head film blowing machine is used for blowing low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic film to make various vest bags and flat-rim bags which have been widely used for packing in the food, garment and textile industries, etc.

Technical parameters

Model 65FM-600 70FM-700 75FM-800
Screw Diameter 65mm 70mm 75mm
Screw Ratio 1:28 1:28 1:28
Screw Speed 10-110r/min 10-110r/min 10-110r/min
Max. Output 50kg/h 70kg/h 90kg/h
Max. Folding Width of Film 550mm×2 650mm×2 750mm×2
Single-Sided Thickness of Film 0.006-0.10mm 0.006-0.10mm 0.006-0.10mm
Power of Main Motor 18.5-22Kw 22-30Kw 37Kw
Total Power 40Kw 55Kw 70Kw
Overall Dimension 4800×2200×3800 5000×2400×4000 5200×2600×420
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