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Automatic Slitting and Rewinding Machine

Automatic Slitting and Rewinding Machine

WLFQ800-2000B Automatic Slitting and Rewinding Machine

This automatic slitting and rewinding machine can dissect, cut and rewind materials weighing 50 gram to 800 gram,such as various paper, polypropylene and polyethylene for printing and packing, composite material, monolayer aluminum foil, and so on. It has the features of photoelectrical tracing rectification system, rolling materials hydraulic power hoist, precise dissection width and high working speed, etc. Its special tension system applies the Mitsubishi constant tension motor imported from Japan to frequency control.

Technical Requirements

Cutting Width: from 800 to 2000mm
Roll Diameter: less than 1200mm
Material Feeding (Emerson Frequency Inverter): 7.5kw
Electromagnetic Clutch: 10Kg/m2 x 2PCS;
Automatic Braking Device: 20Kg/m2 x 1PC;
Type of Cutter: round cutter to cut paper: Min. Cut Width: 50mm
                           blade cutter to cut film: Min. cut width: 10mm

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