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Mini Folding Machine

Mini Folding Machine

21-2 Mini Folding Machine

21-2 mini type facial tissue machine applies vacuum adsorption technique to fold the paper at a high speed. It adopts stepless speed adjusting gear to ensure smooth running. It is specially used as a 4 folding facial tissue machine which is composed of raw paper stand, embossing unit, lengthways folding unit, cutting and transversal folding unit. The whole rolling process of this mini type facial tissue machine includes fixing different tension of raw materials, embossing, lengthways folding paper, pushing the paper, cutting the paper, transversally folding paper and transferring finished products.

Technical Parameters

Model WL-MFT-21A WL-MFT-21B
Power 4.5Kw (380V or 220V 50Hz) 5.5Kw (380V or 220V 50Hz)
Max. Production Speed 400-500 pcs/min 700pcs -1000 pcs/min
Specification of Finished Product(L×W mm) a.75×52 (opening 210×210)
b.105×52 (opening 210×210)
a.75×52 (opening 210×210)
b.105×52 (opening 210×210)
Overall Dimension(m) 3.15×0.77×1.26(L×W×H) 3.15×0.98×1.26(L×W×H)
Weight About 0.8T About 1.2T
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